HOTLINE: +371 67069000

Massage Studio Sanum SPA

The hotel’s Massage Studio Sanum SPA is like an oasis for those who wish to unwind after a busy workday or event-filled city tour. You can choose from various treatments, including a Classic Massage, Aromatherapy and Anti-stress treatment.

Opening hours:
08:00 – 22:00 (Daily)

For reservations and more information:
Tel. +371 67069005; Mob: 20223190

Refill yourself with energy,
enjoy what is pleasant to the soul,
taste delight, peacefulness and the feeling of comfort!

Antistress massage (1h)
Massage relieves stress, ensures pleasant and positive sensations.
45.00 EUR
Aromatherapy massage (1h)
Massage with essential oils. Relieves stress and body strain.
45.00 EUR
Cupping massage 45.00 EUR
Chocolate massage (1h)
Relieves stress, reduces tension, deep relaxation. Skin becomes soft, even and fragrant. Procedure of delight.
45.00 EUR
Sport massage (1h)
Strong impact on muscles, relaxes them,, relieves physical tiredness. After procedure – feeling of comfort.
45.00 EUR
Anti-cellulite massage (1h)
Anti-cellulite oil creates pleasant warmth but massage ensures the feeling of comfort.
45.00 EUR
Honey Massage (1h 15min)
Massage purifies, nourishes skin and makes it even and silky.
45.00 EUR
SPA Peeling Massage (45min)
Massage purifies skin and makes it even and velvety.
45.00 EUR
Classical Massage (1h)
Massage relieves stress, relaxes muscles, ensures pleasant emotions.
45.00 EUR
SPA Peeling Massage + aromatherapy massage (1h 45 min)
Peeling massage purifies skin and makes it even and velvety, aromatherapy massagerelieves stress, ensures pleasant emotions.
75.00 EUR
SPA Peeling Massage + chocolate massage (1h 45 min)
Peeling massage purifies skin and makes it even and velvety, chocolate Massage makes skin soft, even and fragrant.
75.00 EUR
Herbal ball massage (1h 30 min)
The blend of traditional herbs relaxes the body and mind, soothing sore andover-worked muscles while giving a boost for the body’s energy level.
75.00 EUR
Mint Oil Foot Massage (30min)
Massage relieves form tight feeling and tired feet, mint oil ensures pleasant sensations.
30.00 EUR
Foot Massage (30min)
Massage relieves form tiredness, pain and muscle tension.
25.00 EUR
Sport back Massage with heated herbal balls (40min)
Strong back massage with deep impact on muscles. Relieves body strain and pain
45.00 EUR
Shoulder and neck Massage (30min)    Massage relaxes muscles. relieves body strain and pain.
25.00 EUR
 Back Massage (30min)Massage relaxes muscles. Relieve body strain and pain 25.00 EUR
SPA Peeling Massage + foot massage (50min)
Massage purifies and moisturizes skin, relieves tiredness and pain.