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Beauty salon “Shine”

Its not true that ” Beauty is only skin deep”

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Hair treatments

Men’s hairdressing  15.00Ls 21.34EUR
Women`s hairdressing + styling  25.00 – 35.00Ls 35.57-49.80EUR
Styling  15.00 – 25.00Ls 21.34-35.57EUR
Hair colouring (one colour) 35.00 -45.00Ls 49.80-64.03EUR
Lowlights Highlights  35.00 – 45.00Ls 49.80-64.03EUR
Hair perm  40.00 – 50.00Ls 56.91-71.14EUR
Wedding hairstyle   20.00 – 40.00Ls 28.46-59.91EUR

Kérastase ritual

10.00 – 45.00Ls 14.23-64.03EUR
“Global Keratin” Hollywood hair straightening   80.00 – 120.00Ls 113.83-170.74EUR
Hair extension (1 lock)  2.00 – 2.50Ls 2.85-3.56EUR
Kid’s hairdressing  10.00 – 20.00Ls 14.23-28.46EUR
Weaving of plaits (catalogue)    20.00Ls 28.46EUR

Hand and Foot Treatments

Classic manicure 12.00Ls 17.07EUR
French manicure 15.00Ls 21.34EUR
SPA manicure (classic manicure+scrub+mask+coloring+massage)  15.00Ls 21.34EUR
Nail coloring  3.00Ls 4.27EUR
Men’s manicure  12.00Ls 17.07EUR
Classic pedicure  22.00Ls 31.03EUR
Medical pedicure  25.00Ls 35.57EUR
SPA pedicure (classic pedicure+scrub+mask+massage)  30.00Ls 42.69EUR
Gel nail tips  35.00Ls 49.80EUR
Gel nails repair 25.00Ls 35.57EUR
Repair/ gel nail tips (1 nail)  5.00Ls 7.11EUR
Bio-Gel + manicure 30.00Ls 42.69EUR
Shellac + manicure  25.00Ls 35.57EUR
Gel nail tips removal + manicure  10.00Ls 14.23EUR
Paraffin wax baths for hands 5.00Ls 7.11EUR
Paraffin wax baths for feet  5.00Ls 7.11EUR