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Cosmetology room

In salon „Shine”, Maritim Park Hotel, 1.flour

Face treatment

Deep cleaning face procedure “Kleopatra’s recipe of beauty” 49.80 EUR
Intensive face lifting procedure 56.91 EUR
Anti-age face procedure “SPA De Lux” 1,5 st/80Ls 113.82 EUR
Nutritional or moisturizing face procedure for men 35.57 EUR
Procedure for sensitive skin “Tender” 0,5 .st/30Ls 42.69 EUR
Intensive moisturizing face procedure “Silk touch” 1 .st/30Ls 42.69 EUR
Express face procedure 40.min/25Ls 35.57 EUR
Face massage with aroma oils 0,5 .st/20Ls 28.46 EUR
SPA ionization for face  1st./30Ls 42.69 EUR
Mandobionic Treatments (Peeling with Mandalic acid) 25.00 Ls 35.57 EUR
Face massgae with Crystal Balls 30.00 Ls 42.69 EUR