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Wedding organization

Modern wedding at Maritim Park Hotel Riga

Wedding is one of the brightest and the most important events in our life, therefore we look forward to welcome young couples at Maritim Park Hotel Riga and undertake their wedding organization.

If you want to celebrate modern wedding, which corresponds to the world standards, banquet halls of Maritim Park Hotel Riga are perfect for celebration of wedding in Riga. This hotel has convenient location, within walking distance from Riga’s OldTown. It is situated across from the VictoryPark, which is perfect for wedding photo shoots and refreshing walks after joyful celebration. At our guests’ disposal – free parking and convenient public transport connections. The hotel offers three wedding banquet halls with dance floor and place for musicians in each of them:

Restaurant Bellavue – accommodates up to 30 people.
Event Plaza banquet hall – accommodates up to 70 people.
Maritim banquet hall – accommodates up to 380 wedding guests.

Worth to consider:

Individual room design

On your Wedding Day don’t deny yourself nothing! This also applies to the design of wedding celebration hall. Young couple has the opportunity to invite their own decorator and make their own design. But we recommend to choose our long-term cooperation partner “Art of Weddings”.

Technical support

Usually musicians take care of the sound equipment by themselves, but in the hotel there are available screens and projectors, which often are used to display various photos and entertain the guests.


By organizing wedding at the hotel you automatically eliminate worries about catering and wedding cake, since we will take full care of it. In Maritim Park Hotel Riga there are two restaurants where you can choose the most suitable elegant and exquisite menu, taking into account all wishes of vegetarians and vegans.

Special wedding cake

It is another important element of the wedding. You can order your wedding cake from the hotel’s restaurant confectioners and they will create your special wedding cake according to all your wishes. There may be up to 4-tiered cakes, with or without cake stand.

No more pre-wedding stress

Let your wedding organizers worry! Our recommendation is to devote at least one day before wedding to relaxing and pampering yourself – visit massage therapist, enjoy a relaxing stroll or concert. Book a room in the hotel and wait calmly your wedding day.
The hotel offers special rooms for newlyweds, where photography session of the bride’s and the groom’s dressing could be organized. At your disposal there are beauty salon, massage studio and sauna, which will help you to relax and prepare for the upcoming event. Maritim Park Hotel Riga has all the services and friendly staff to ensure that organization of your wedding celebration will be calm and pleasant, but you will avoid the pre-wedding stress.

 Any way, it should be taken into account that your wedding day is unique, therefore it should be beautiful and memorable.

It’s worth to know!

As of this year it is officially allowed to register wedding outside the Registry Office premises. Wedding ceremony can take place in hotel, park or any other place. Interest in it is quite large, and it seems that the followers of modern wedding will take the advantage to use this opportunity in Maritim Park Hotel Riga, since any of the hotel’s banquet halls could be adjusted for wedding ceremony.

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